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Arrival Day is the start of the Orientation Weeks for all new international students at Lund University. During the Orientation Weeks, you will have the chance to learn more about Sweden and Lund, and to make new friends.

New international students playing board games together


The Orientation Weeks for international students include a variety of activities that aim to help you settle in smoothly at the University and in student life. Most of the activities are available to both new international degree students and exchange students, but the schedules may vary slightly.?

See the Orientation Weeks programme for spring 2020 (PDF 445 kB, new window)

Examples of activities

The following activities are typically offered during the Orientation Weeks.?Some of these activities?require a ticket. Tickets are sold online before Arrival Day?as well as at the Arrival Day venue on Arrival Day. You can also visit the International Desk when it is open and buy tickets there after Arrival Day if there are any tickets left.


The official Arrival Day for all new international students at Lund University.

Learn more about Arrival Day


The Vice-Chancellor of Lund University and the Mayor of the City of Lund welcome all new international students. There will be live music, light refreshments and opportunities to mingle with other new international students.???


For Excursion Day, you can choose among bus tours where we explore the wonderful countryside and visit places of special interest in the Sk?ne region. Previous excursions have included the Falsterbo beach, S?der?sen National Park and the famous ?sterlen region.

Enjoyed the tour? Find other fun places to visit!


At the General Information Meeting, staff from the University, Student Health services, Studentlund and the Swedish police will provide useful information about life in Lund and at the University.

Student Health information

Learn more about Studentlund


During Pre-Registration-Day, exchange students meet with their coordinators to settle their Study Plans and get information about academic matters, while many degree programmes arrange welcome activities for their new degree seeking students.


Ever heard of 'Br?nnboll', 'Kubb' or 'S?pafotboll'? On our Sports Day, the student organisations offer a day of games, sports activities and lots of opportunities to meet new friends. Note that Sports and Games day is only held in the autumn Orientation Weeks (August).?


Meet the wide variety of Lund student organisations at the Student Association Fair and learn about all of the activities you can take part in during your stay in Lund.

Learn?more about student associations at Lund University


The famous 'nations'?are student social clubs at Lund University. The student nations organise a wide range of activities in the evenings and on the weekends during each semester.

Learn more about student nations at Lund University


Exchange students who have applied to SUSA will have classes in introductory Swedish and lectures on Swedish culture. The course ends with a written examination (3 ECTS).? Please note that the SUSA course is currently only offered to exchange students.

Learn more about introductory Swedish for exchange students


These seminars provide you with the skills and knowledge to be a successful student at Lund University and prepare you for your stay in Sweden. The seminars include, for example, lectures on time management skills, Swedish academic culture, as well as a panel discussion on Swedish culture.


On our Swedish food-tasting event, try Swedish delicacies such as '?rtsoppa', 'rotmos'?and 'sill'.

Can't wait? Learn more about Swedish culture and food here!


In teams with new friends, your task is to find our hidden letters at different student organisations in Lund. By following the treasure map, solving tricky quizzes and winning tough challenges, you have the chance to win nice prizes!


During the Orientation weeks, all new international students will have the opportunity to get a guided tour of Lund's most famous historical landmark: Lund Cathedral.

Learn more about Lund Cathedral on the Church of Sweden's website

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Pictures from previous Orientation Weeks

Students doing thumbs up for Swedish food at the Taste of Sweden event
Students trying Swedish food at the Taste of Sweden event

Bus trip to IKEA during arrival week
Students enjoying a trip to IKEA during the Orientation Weeks

Basketball game in Malm?
Students watching a basketball game in Lund

Students at fair during introduction week
Students mingling at the Student Association Fair


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