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Student health and safety representatives are there to represent you when it comes to issues regarding your work environment.


As a student, if you discover shortcomings in your physical or psychosocial environment, you can turn to the person responsible and/or to your student health and safety representative. The student health and safety representative can represent you to affect the working conditions. For example, the student health and safety representative can pass on your request to the person responsible, to the students’ union or to the local health, safety and environment committee. A student health and safety representative can also request an inspection of both the physical and the psychosocial work environment.

NB: the student health and safety representative has a duty of confidentiality.

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Each semester, Lund University Students’ Unions (LUS) compiles a list of student health and safety representatives at the University. Look at the list to see who the health and safety representative is for your programme or course. Contact your representative with any questions concerning the work environment for students.

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